Hi there. Hey. Hello. 

I'm Kim. 
I like to draw and paint and put words together into stories and poems and prose that feel good and solid when you see them. Like finding a good stone on the beach. 

I make work because I like to, and also because I need to exorcise the creative demons.
But I've made resources for schools, murals for walls, illustrations for children's books, artwork for public projects and events. I've designed signs and websites and made pieces for gallery exhibitions.

I think they call it 'Jack-of-all-trades', but I'm mastering some:
my favourites are book illustrations and landscape artwork. And murals. Murals are a lot of fun.

For those whom it matters to, I studied Literature and Visual Arts at Uni and have and
continue to work as a high school teacher (a pretty good one).

I live in a not-so-big house, with a pretty-damn-big paperbark tree not far from the Tasman Sea. I'm lucky enough to share it with some exceptionally cool and unique people (even though two of them are messy as hell).

I'm always looking for wildness and quiet and beauty and something delicious and a high spot to climb to and some calm water to paddle on. 

And when all else fails: there is always curiosity and kindness. Always, curiosity and kindness.



Caves Beach, NSW, Australia 


Thanks for saying hello!