Kimberly is an illustrator-writer-teacher-mum (not necessarily in that order) living in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW, Australia. Her work revolves around nature, our smallness within the universe and the tension between what cultural narratives tell us is important and what it actually feels like to live deeply and meaningfully. 

Kimberly draws and paints a lot for her kids, but has made artwork for commercial, educational, and public works projects, as well as pieces for gallery exhibitions. She studied Literature and Visual Arts Education at University and has taught high school English for several years.


She is currently working on editorial illustration and her first picture book.  She illustrates using gouache, coloured pencil, watercolour and collage and does larger format work in acrylics, oils and pastel. And digitally, if necessary.


Kimberly is lucky enough to live with three of the most amazing people she's ever met, in a little house near the ocean. She enjoys hiking and swimming in remote places that remind her that she (and her species) is not in control. She likes growing plants, making soil, fermenting and preserving food and drinking cups of tea while reading good books. Otherwise, you'll find her up to her elbows in paint or mud or science experiments with the two coolest kids on the planet. 



Caves Beach, NSW, Australia


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