The cubby. It's feeling the sea breeze from the prow of a ship or the thrill of balancing in the canopy of an exotic jungle. It's knowing how to have a damn good time without needing much at all. It's remembering how to laugh until you can't breath and to use your imagination once in a while. Remember?


This is an art PRINT, which is a high quality reproduction of an original gouache on paper. It includes a white border which is hand titled and signed by yours truly (as opposed to someone who DIDN'T paint it). 

It's printed onto 100% cotton rag, archival  paper. 310 gsm. It feels good. 


You can have this printed A4, A3 or A2.

If you'd like more information about framing options, please get in touch.
I can arrange it for you if you're local. If you're having it shipped, however, you might be better off supporting your local independent framer once you recieve your print. Just saying. 

Fall Gently